About Us

About PRYCA Properties

PRYCA Properties specialises in property rental management that are tailor made to address the needs of the residential property owner as well as tenant looking for quality within a secure environment at an affordable price.

Owners and tenants are able to locate the excess of 600 properties we manage in Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal and the North West province. 


As owner you will have peace of mind that your funds can be trusted with us as:

  • All funds is received in PRYCA Trust account as prescribed by the Estate Agency Affairs Board.
  • These funds are yearly audited by external auditors and reported on to the Estate Agents Board.
  • Insurance over our trust account through the Fidelity Fund offered by the Estate Agency Affairs Board.
  • We currently manage in excess of 600 properties.
  • We are registered with all the required statutory bodies.

What PRYCA does for the Owner

– We source & manage your tenant (collection, in & ou inspection, ad hoc)

– Management Monthly expenses (Levies & Rates)

– Provide yearly tax income & expenses sheet

– Maintenance on property

– Correspondence with local municipalities

– Levy clearances

– We have internal agents & caretakers on site

What PRYCA does for the Tenant

-Offer affordable well maintained units

-Offer secure, child friendly complexes

-Repair and maintain units as and when required

-Detailed in and out inspections

-Monthly statements of what is due and what has been received

-Onsite Caretaker

We assist the Body Corporate with:

  • Annual Budgeting
  • Accounting Records
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
  • Payment of Suppliers
  • Levy Clearance Certificates
  • Compilation and Distribution of Detailed Monthly Accounts
  • The Maintenance of Projects and Obtaining of Quotes
  • Meter Readings (Where Required)
  • The Arrangement of Suitable Insurance
  • The Communication on Behalf of Trustees
  • The Delivery of Monthly Levy Statements
  • The Arrangement of the AGM and SGMs
  • Enforcing Conduct Rules
  • The Collection of Levies and Manage Arrears
  • The Arrangement for Payment of Salaries (PAYE), UIF, WCA & SDL and Distribution of Payslips
  • The Attendance and Minutes of AGMs, SGMs and Trustee / Meetings.

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